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Greenlight Celebrations, Inc. is a 501c3, non-profit organization. 


We Believe:

We believe that one of the greatest accompishments in anyone's life is to learn how to "love and be loved" the way we were designed to achieve this reality... and, that there is only 1 timely and proven Truth, or Way, to truly maximize this love in one's life that trumps all others - via the "ReCreator" - Jesus.  Love, however, is a gift to all creation, and is to be given freely, regardless of what one believes.  Discovering and accepting these truths brings hope to life immediately and helps us live life in the "NOW".  Basic to living ourr life in love and hoipe is understanding our created "image", in the likeness of God.  These powerful truths are presented in three basic websites:;; and


Supporting Services Mission:

We believe that the greatest accomplishment in anyone's life is to learn how to "love and be loved" the way we were designed to achieve this reality.  This skill impacts all relationships, competencies, and fulfillment in life, and Greenlight Celebrations, Inc. is supportive of all events that embody this belief.  A secont accomplishment for our legacy is to discover God's created image in us.   Finally, these two discoveries help us discover and enjoy hope in our daily lives.  As part of its training services, Greenlight Celebrations, Inc. is committed to supporting any interested in becoming personally aware of the “Power of 'Light" and 'Truth'”, through “knowing and developing” the “Image of God”, in their lives, living a life of love for themselves, others, and the creator, and living a life filled with hope.  The principle tools for this mission are based on the “The Holistic Person Image Cube®” (the LOVE CUBE), based upon the “Tri-Person Matrix®”, and include 9 Love-Links® , the LOVE-24-7®. process, the Love-Links® ACTION GUIDE series, and the HOPE-24-7® legacy/freedom modules.


Original, 2014, Primary Services Mission:

Many community groups, churches, young artists, and leaders of such, lack the resources and expertise to hold events and large gatherings due to the lack of 1) planning skills, 2) production capabilities, 3) logistical expertise, 4) sophisticated equipment, 5) training, and 6) follow-up necessary to make these event/gatherings a success. Greenlight Celebrations, Inc. is committed to providing the necessary support in these areas to help these event/gatherings reach their goals.


GLC Support TOOLS: